BTS Translation and Training Agency


Professional translation is more than just a word-for-word translation – it means finding an equivalent which conveys the message, the same meaning in a language that the translation is delivered into.

This is why it is very important for us to choose the right translator for a particular text, and to have every translated document proof-read by independent consultants and native speakers. In order to ensure the coherence of every translated text we usually do not divide projects between several translators. Every translation sent to a Client goes through at least two-stage verification process conducted in our internal quality control department.

Jeśli potrzebujecie Państwo specjalisty wykonującego TŁUMACZENIA PRZYSIĘGŁE, zachęcamy do skorzystania z naszej oferty.

We offer the following services:



General translation

Certified translation and interpreting (sworn)

Express-deadline translation

Specialist translation

Language courses

In language combinations such as:

Polish – English, English – Polish, Polish – Albanian, Albanian – Polish, Polish –Arabic, Arabic-Polish, Polish – Bulgarian, Bulgarian – Polish, Polish – Bosnian, Bosnian-Polish, Polish – Chinese, Chinese – Polish, Polish – Croatian, Croatian – Polish, Polish – Czech, Czech – Polish, Polish – Danish, Danish – Polish, Polish – Estonian, Estonian – Polish, Polish – Finnish, Finnish – Polish, Polish – French, French – Polish, Polish – Greek, Greek – Polish, Polish – Spanish, Spanish – Polish, Polish – Hebrew, Hebrew – Polish, Polish – Dutch, Dutch –Polish, Polish – Japanese, Japanese-Polish, Polish- Korean, Korean – Polish, Polish – Lithuanian, Lithuanian – Polish, Polish – Latvian, Latvian – Polish, Polish – Macedonian, Macedonian – Polish, Polish – Moldavian, Moldavian – Polish, Polish – German, German – polish, Polish – Norwegian, Norwegian – Polish, Polish – Portuguese, Portuguese – Polish, Polish – Russian, Russian – Polish, Polish – Romanian, Romanian – Polish, Polish –Swedish, Swedish – Polish, Polish – Slovak, Slovak – Polish, Polish – Slovenian, Slovenian – Polish, Polish – Serbian – Serbian – Polish, Polish – Turkish, Turkish – Polish, Polish – Ukrainian, Ukrainian – Polish, Polish – Hungarian, Hungarian – Polish, Polish – Italian, Italian –Polish

We also provide translations from a foreign language into a foreign language.